The entire southern region of the Big Island is a National Historic Landmark, rich with history and natural beauty. About 1,500 years ago, Polynesians first landed in the Hawaiian Islands at Ka Lae.

Known locally as “The Point,” this area marks the true southernmost point of the United States. Additionally, just a short walk from the iconic black-and-white light beacon will take you to the very tip, offering endless views of the Pacific Ocean. Unlike the nearby high cliffs, the tip itself is relatively flat, which facilitates exploration.

South Point in Hawaii

Getting There

As you drive the 12-mile stretch down South Point Road, you might find the road a bit bumpy, but you typically won’t need 4WD for most of the year. Therefore, take your time, savor the views, and brace yourself for an unforgettable journey.

Cliff Diving & Ocean Currents

Locals frequently dive from the towering cliffs, a sight that may tempt visitors. However, we advise against cliff diving at The Point due to the strong currents and swift waters. Moreover, many Hawaiians who dive here have grown up nearby and know these waters well.

Traveler Tip: Always show respect at the Heiau, a place of sacred worship near Ka Lae.

Safety & Security Tips

To ensure safety and security:

  • Secure Your Belongings: Always keep your personal items with you and leave your Wrangler unlocked to prevent theft.
  • Honor Sacred Sites: Pay respect at historical landmarks and sacred areas.

What’s Next?

Is the world’s steepest road on the Big Island of Hawaii? Indeed! You must see the legendary Waipi’o Valley Road, famous for its dramatic incline.

Explore the Island with a Jeep Rental:

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